We have rarely, if ever, had two customers whose requirements to get to market were similar. We have become quite specialized in understanding our customer's unique needs and constructing a tailor-made service that perfectly suits their needs. For example, one customer may simply need a group of machined parts made to print and delivered on schedule. Another many need machined parts that must then be integrated into a sub-assembly then shipped to another factory for final integration. Yet another may require a complete box build that includes parts FES makes integrated with supplied parts shipped from around the world.

When a new customer engages FES, our team takes the time to understand their complete requirements and then fashions the right solution. Taking into account our guiding manufacturing principles of balancing cost, time-to-market and quality, our team constructs a manufacturing plan that all sides can agree on, utilizing a number of different services including:


In our assembly shop, we have several lines set up that rarely change, if ever. The programs that we run on these lines are long-lived and the requirements unchanging. In another portion of the shop, we have temporary lines set up to help customers produce short-run programs with unique requirements. Whatever the needs are, FES has the ability and resources to customize a permanent or temporary line as needed.


Some of our customers still do final assembly of their products in the US. They ask us to deliver partial product builds, parts and other items as needed. Others simply want delivery of the final product, ready for shelves.


As the third pillar in our manufacturing principles, FES understands how important time-to-market can be. We manage incredibly complex logistic schedules, sending out containers of goods to various locations daily. Often times, these containers hold mixed pallets of different SKUs, each following a precise shipping schedule.


No matter where you are on our project, our engineers can step in and see it through to final production. This includes providing industrial design, 3D-modeling, mechanical drawings, reverse engineering and re-engineering. They can also provide MoldFlow® analysis, FEA (finite element analysis) and a complete manufacturabilty analysis to ensure that your product will be produced in the most cost-effective manner possible.


FES has a set of industry-standard quality management practices and policies that are taught and implemented throughout our organization. These practices are geared to ensure that FES consistently meets or exceeds our customer's requirements. Our practices place strong focus on process measurement and controls as a means of continuous improvement.


Providing a complete turn-key solution requires a project management team who knows how to focus on the finest details without losing sight of the project as a whole. We continuously train our team to seek out and understand our customers requirements and then do whatever it takes to see that those requirements are met.

Who We Are

FES provides premier Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management solutions. Our business model allows us to be flexible around client needs. We vertically integrate key development components and leverage our extensive supplier network for non-critical components. This results in the best blend of cost, manufacturing processes, time to market.

FES is headquartered in Shanghai, China, with sales offices in Austin, Texas and San Diego, California.

Flexible Solutions

Time and again, our customers have told us that what they most appreciate about FES is our ability to provide custom solutions to fit individual client's uniqe needs. These solutions include:

  • Customized Production Lines
  • Partial to Complete Box Builds
  • Complex Logistics
  • Design & Engineering
  • Total Quality Management

Competitive Advantage

At FES, we know that for our customer's products to win in the market place, they need to be manufactured with the right balance of Quality, Cost, and Speed.

We work with our customers to understand their goals and objectives. We then tailor a plan that will help us meet these goals and provide our customers with the best manufacturing experience possible.


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