It's difficult manufacturing half-way around the world. It's even more difficult if you have to qualify and manage relationships with dozens of suppliers and vendors half-way around the world. FES mitigates that difficulty by being your single point of contact for all steps necessary to get your product built. It doesn't take much for a supply chain to become too large and complicated to manage effectively. To remain competitive, new suppliers need to be evaluated and added, while existing suppliers need to be audited and managed. Trying to manage all of that thousands of miles away can be nearly impossible.

Some companies spend millions of dollars setting up their own base of operations in China. Others save millions by utilizing FES' supply chain management services.


FES will help you source potential suppliers according to your precise needs. We can use our existing vendor database and/or conduct a broader search for new suppliers. We will provide you with a Preliminary Audit Form for each potential supplier to help you identify specific capabilities needed as well as provide basic supplier information.


FES will send a team to visit supplier facilities and conduct a detailed onsite audit that examines every aspect of a supplier's operations. We'll provide a score, recommendations and any important findings that we discover.


Most factories are not vertically integrated enough to produce a complete box build for a product. They need to reply on second tie suppliers to provide components and services. Some critical components may need to be purchased from designated suppliers. FES will make sure that the right second tie suppliers are selected for the project based on cost and quality. We'll optimize your supply chain so that it is as efficient as possible of supporting your business.


Often times, our customers want to receive several quotes for one project to ensure that they are receiving competitive pricing. FES will professionally manage the RFQ process. We'll provide documention that will allow you to make informed decisions quickly. FES will also provide its own cost analysis for customer reference.


Not all factories and customers are equipped to conduct contract negotiations across the boarder due to language, culture, legal and business practice differences. FES will manage contract negotiations between suppliers and customers, navigating legal and commercial issues on our customer's behalf.


FES will help our customers set up the selected China supplier as a vendor in its system. We will educate the new supplier and our customers about mutual Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), payment terms, payment methods, invoicing, delivery, packaging, supplier manuals, contact windows, escalation paths and more as directed by the customer.


FES can provide industrial design and engineering services as needed by our customer. Our engineering staff is qualified and ready to take on our customer's project requirements and provide the services needed to see the project to completion. These services include Design For Manufacturability (DFM), Value Analysis/Engineering (VA/VE), Failure Mode Effect and Analysis FMEA and more. These services are designed to make sure manufacturability problems are caught and resolved before tooling so that product can be mass produced with quality and efficiency.


FES has a team of project managers in both China and US to help manage all of our customer's needs. Our project managers take ownership of the project and are responsible for meeting every requirement. They lead the cross-functional teams between the two countries, coordinating engineering, quality, production, procurement and logistics. Project Management is FES' core strength. Our customers have relied on us for years to take the burden of supply chain management from their shoulders into the capable hands of our project managers.


Launching a new product successfully always comes down to excellent planning. FES helps with this through pre-tooling kick off planning, tooling, first article samples and quality reports as well as pre-production builds. We also provide product and part testing, qualifications and approval (PPAP), Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP), and schedule management.


FES provides quality services to ensure that, no matter where the parts come from, our customers know that quality is managed by standard procedures. These procedures include Advanced Product Quality Planning. (APQP), supply chain quality control, incoming inspections, in-process testing and final out of box audit (OBA). Our team will work with all suppliers in the supply chain for quality issue resolutions, 8D reports and the establishment of quality metrics.


Once production begins, our project managers will handle all purchase order distribution, forecast reports and capacity management to ensure that all of our customer's products are made on time. Our project managers will also manage capacity for our customers, dual or even triple sourcing as needed for high volume and/or critical projects.


Many of our customers have incredibly complicated shipping schedules that require professional management on all fronts. We help our customers set up the right logistical solutions that include various shipping methods, palletization procedures for various retailers and customs clearance.

Who We Are

FES provides premier Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management solutions. Our business model allows us to be flexible around client needs. We vertically integrate key development components and leverage our extensive supplier network for non-critical components. This results in the best blend of cost, manufacturing processes, time to market.

FES is headquartered in Shanghai, China, with sales offices in Austin, Texas and San Diego, California.

Flexible Solutions

Time and again, our customers have told us that what they most appreciate about FES is our ability to provide custom solutions to fit individual client's uniqe needs. These solutions include:

  • Customized Production Lines
  • Partial to Complete Box Builds
  • Complex Logistics
  • Design & Engineering
  • Total Quality Management

Competitive Advantage

At FES, we know that for our customer's products to win in the market place, they need to be manufactured with the right balance of Quality, Cost, and Speed.

We work with our customers to understand their goals and objectives. We then tailor a plan that will help us meet these goals and provide our customers with the best manufacturing experience possible.


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