Why Choose FES?

Putting ourselves in the shoes of our customers, we've come to learn that their expectations for a manufacturer in China are fairly simple. They want a company they can trust. They want a company with experience. Most importantly, they expect that their products will be manufactured to meet their cost, quality and time targets. Through our years of experience, we've learned how to take on our customer's requirements and to exceed their expectations through proactive communication and on-time delivery.

Do you offer production of prototypes or just high volume production runs?

Whether it is a low volume prototype or high volume production run, you can have FES assemble and test your product to meet your exacting requirements and demanding delivery schedules. Components used can be supplied from your consigned inventory or purchased directly by FES as a full turnkey service - or a mix of both. DFM (design for manufacturability) and DFT (design for testability) services are utilized to help you optimize the cost and increase yields to deliver defect-free products.

What type of Testing Services do you offer?

FES offers a full range of testing services - from developing the test programs to testing your product. In-house capabilities include first in, functional, pull, ingress and end-of-line. Selecting the optimal method for your project depends on your unit volume and other factors. Our trained engineering staff is available to help you make the best choice.

How will communication regarding my project be handled?

Cross-functional and cross-company communication is critical to the success of any project. Your project is assigned to a Project Manager who is the central point of contact for the team made up of your staff and ours. You are kept up-to-date about your project and related issues - no surprises. You can request customized reporting and program review formats that meet your specific requirements. FES is also very flexible in adapting to delivery schedule changes driven by fluctuations in your business.

What type of Industries does FES serve?

For the most part, FES is agnostic about which industries it serves. We see most products as a series of manufacturing processes. However, we have learned that experience in certain industries has allowed us to gain insight and knowledge into the specifics of certain products. Different industries require different sensitivities and can have specifications and certifications exclusive to them.

We have experience with a diverse set of customers in severa different industries. These include military, computers & peripherals, medical, telecommunications, automotive, industrial and consumer. At FES, you will find the expertise and processes well suited to serve your specific industry requirements.

Is FES a financially stable company?

This is an important question. Once you've committed to a manufacturer, the last thing you need is to have them fail finanically, leaving your project high and dry. FES is a strong, financially stable company with a 10-year track record. With year-after-year of continuous growth, prospects have never looked better.

Who are some of your current clients?

We have and are currently manufacturing for several leaders in their respective industries. You can view a partial client list here.

What does FES need in order to quote a job?

First and foremost, we need electronic files for the job we are to quote. We cannot quote unless we have them. These can be 3D or 2D files, as long as they contain information about the size and material weight of the project. We accept SolidWorks, Pro/E, AutoCAD and PDF files. We will also need material requirements and an estimated annual usage.

What jobs are suitable to do with FES?

We excel at manufacturing highly engineered products whether the volume is large or small. Some projects make sense to manufacture with FES and some don't. We will work with you to help make that determination together.

Does FES use certified materials?

We take pride in always using agreed upon, certified materials for production. We have global agreements with companies such as GE, DSM, Dupont, BASF and reputable local vendors which allow us to secure the right materials at a competitive rate. We can send material certifications for samples and production runs as required.

How do you protect my intellectual property?

We value our integrity and honor our confidentiality with our customers. We will not divulge any information that might compromise our customers' positions.

What's your average lead time for tooling?

We can complete most tooling jobs within 45 days. When we provide a quote, we will include the lead time for each tool. Expedited services are available.

Do you have a minimum required volume?

We do not have a set minimum volume per sť. We evaluate each job on a case-by-case basis to determine if it is going to be cost effective for our company and your company. Many times, product volume will play a substantial role in making this determination.

What is your in-house engineering expertise?

We have over 200 combined years' of engineering experience. We utilize this experience to oversee design, manufacturing, validation and quality control. We can do 3D modeling, 2D drawings and simulation through Pro/E, AutoCAD, SolidWorks and UG.

What communication tools do you utilize?

Besides conventional communication tools such as phone, fax and e-mail, we also utilize FTP for large file transfers, online meeting services for presentations and conference call services for group meetings.

Will language be an issue?

All of our project managers and engineers will be able to communicate effectively in English through every step of your project.

How do I import the finished product?

Our logistics department will take care of all necessary governmental and commercial procedures on both sides. The whole process will be transparent to you. We'll be just like your vendor down the street.

How does FES minimize risks?

Risks are inherent in manufacturing. We believe the best way to minimize risk is through honest communication, rapid response and corrective actions.

Who We Are

FES provides premier Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management solutions. Our business model allows us to be flexible around client needs. We vertically integrate key development components and leverage our extensive supplier network for non-critical components. This results in the best blend of cost, manufacturing processes, time to market.

FES is headquartered in Shanghai, China, with sales offices in Austin, Texas and San Diego, California.

Flexible Solutions

Time and again, our customers have told us that what they most appreciate about FES is our ability to provide custom solutions to fit individual client's uniqe needs. These solutions include:

  • Customized Production Lines
  • Partial to Complete Box Builds
  • Complex Logistics
  • Design & Engineering
  • Total Quality Management

Competitive Advantage

At FES, we know that for our customer's products to win in the market place, they need to be manufactured with the right balance of Quality, Cost, and Speed.

We work with our customers to understand their goals and objectives. We then tailor a plan that will help us meet these goals and provide our customers with the best manufacturing experience possible.


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